The religion of peace – used by a Government of sexist thugs

Yet another example of the Iranian Government failing to employ modern human rights and simply suspends the stoning of this woman who has really done nothing wrong. Harmed no one and definitely does not deserve to be stoned to death.

I have a feel that I speak for the majority of “civilised” people when I label this punishment as a barbaric remnant of the dark ages, practiced only by those who still wish to live in the stone age, but by the same token, use very modern weapons in an attempt to enforce their religion on those “infidels” who do not wish to submit all of thier basic human rights to an outdated superstition.

The fact that this can and does happen in this day and age sickens me. If anyone has any kind of petition to sign, post it in the comments – however it comes down to the principle as I doubt that the Iranian government listens to anyone – especially the will of the people.


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