Star Wars quote for Religion

After reading this story, it has become apparent to me that they key way that Islam (and needless to say all religions but predominantly radical Islam) will be through it’s intolerance.

This is hardly a surprise but it does bring to mind the infamous quote by Princess Leia from Star Wars – A New Hope:

The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.

And just like the evil empire, radical Islam seems to tighten its grip and hopefully push those moderate Islamists out there to the left. I say hopefully because in all of my internet searching, I’m yet to really find the voice of moderate Islam. Assuming of course there is such a thing as moderate Islam.

Does this mean that our last, best hope will be all those opposed joining forces, hardly,  given the “Ye shall take no god before me” commandment…so in that case, who will be our Luke Skywalker and Han Solo?

You, that’s who. Join the conversation, have a voice and do what you can to fight the oppression of the evil that is religion!


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