Police: Taliban executes eloping lovers

In yet another example of religion overpowering basic human rights, a couple has been executed in Afghanistan. Simply because one woman did not want to marry a man that she did not like, she has paid for it with her life.

Yet another crime carried out in the name of religion.

What’s more disturbing is that the Afghanistan Government recently made an agreement with the Taliban to implement Sharia law in the Swat Valley. This is the same harsh, Islamic law that will see females robbed of their chance at an education and the same unjust law that flies in the face of basic human rights.

But the one thing that really makes me angry is that no one seems to question the Koran. It is simply accepted as fact in these regions.

Chances are that this is due in no small part to the extreme lack of secular education. After all, when the only education you can receive is a religious one, what else are you to do?

I can only hope that as technology advances and becomes more widely available that the clawed grasp of religion will weaken as free thinking and intellect breaks through the shrouds of myth, legend and fairytale that make up all of the holy books.

And just to help us sleep easy, let’s assume that this will happen before any of these religious nuts get their hands on nuclear weapons! Those hands driven by that kind of intolerance is a truly scary thought!


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