How do you deal with North Korea?

Recently, North Korea launched what they claimed was a satellite that reached orbit and then started to broadcast music back to the DPRK. According to the US and Japan, the rocket fell into the sea, did not reach orbit and is not broadcasting anything.

According to North Korea, the launch was for peaceful research purposes.

According to the US and various experts on North Korea, this was a test run for a ballistic missile.

Now the DPRK has asked all of the IAEA representatives to leave and is going to fire up their nuclear reactors again.

Now I think that North Korea and especially that little fat man Kim Jong Il are simply dressed up bullies.

My explanation is thus:
His military is very well fed and one of the largest in the world and yet the country is existing in a mire of poverty, poor education and poor healthcare.

Kim Jong Il has his “Pleasure Brigade” being simply his harem and apparently lives a life filled with all of the luxuries that he desires while the country he leads continues to suffer.

Kim Jon Il is not a leader but a short, fat bully.

Unfortunately, due to the size of his army, invading there like was done with Saddam Hussein is not really an option, given the massive loss of life that would ensure (on all sides).

Neither is fuelling the people to rise up as they are held under his tubby little fist.

Where the other countries need to focus their action is on international sanctions and covert operations.

Sanctions can work but are flawed for two reasons. The first is that Russia and China have veto power on the UN Security Council and they have a vested interest in North Korea continuing to buy their goods. For this, among other reasons I do question the effectiveness of the UN.

The second reason that imposing sanctions is not a good idea is that it’s the people who suffer. Kim Jon Il will continue to life his closeted little life while the people suffer. Banning the materials that the DPRK require to build nuclear weapons has already been done but they continue to research this.

Therefore the majority of gains are going to come from covert operations. These, to my mind should take two paths.

Military covert operations should be based around air strikes or similar designed to take out their nuclear facilities. Diplomacy is not likely to close these down so use of force, as a last resort seems one of the only options left.

Another option is to provide support for a military coup by leaders who would bring a more even keel to the leadership of North Korea. This is ultimately where I think the path will lead us to.

Kim Jong Il will have his heart attack sooner or later and a successor will take over. What the modern world needs to do is be ready to support a leader with experience and knowledge of how to do a good job, rather than the abortion of a job that this tubby, 80s sunglass wearing fatboy is doing at present.


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